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Garage 71 and Grease Inc. magazine is a kulture! The crew here is all about the ‘gear head’ scene from music, turning wrenches, lifestyle, kustom art, pinups, hot rods/rat rods, motorcycles, bobbers, tattoos, and tradition. The crew dedicates themselves with being builders, entertainers, artists, and DJ’s. They live the kulture daily and want to bring it to life in print and on-air.

Grease Inc. magazine and Garage71 radio connects with over 7 million listeners and 120,000 readers featuring lifestyle trends, events, interviews, tech articles, travel & dining suggestions, and music coverage & exposure providing our supporters the best source to the local and national kustom kulture scene.


Your Kustom Kulture Media and Production Source

“Garage 71 / Grease Inc is one of the coolest and most comprehensive representations of classic car, vintage motorcycle, music and vintage lifestyle subcultures in the southwest. From a rockin’ magazine to their streaming radio and diverse events these guys do everything top notch and know how to get the word out and maximize exposure, integration and audience retention.” Simon Cantlon, Co-Producer of Rockabilly on the Route

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